ICTP Diploma 30th Anniversary

23 - 25 August 2021

Reunion Memories Challenge

Share your memories of ICTP!

Challenge Web ImageThe challenge: Create a short video, audio, or text about your experience at ICTP:

What has the Diploma Programme meant for your career?


Share your favorite photo from your time as a Diploma Progamme student and the memory that goes with it.

Tag us and use the hashtag #ICTPMemories on social media, or email us at sci_info[at]ictp.it!

We'll collect all the submissions for you to see, and a compilation of challenge submissions will be published and played during the ceremony in August at ICTP.

All Diploma alumni are encouraged to take the challenge. It doesn’t matter where you are now, if you are still in research or not, if you are still in science or not, or how long ago you were at ICTP: we would like to hear your story.

Once you have made your submission, you can nominate one or several of your Diploma colleagues to do the challenge next!




  • The video should be no longer than 30 seconds/1 minute
  • The audio should be no longer than 30 seconds
  • The text should be no longer than 300 words

Suggested information to include:

  • Your name
  • Nationality
  • Where you are now and your current job/position
  • The year you spent in the Diploma Programme, and your section
  • Who you nominate to do the ICTP Reunion Memories Challenge next!


  • You can use this occasion to connect with your class. Email your former classmates and ask them to take part in the challenge as well, or tag them on social media
  • You can record a Zoom call: it is an easy way to get a recording
  • Be creative!

Deadline for submission of contributions: 31 July 2021

How to submit entries: